Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Train Ride at Greenfield Village

Greenfield Village is a great time, and if you go once you may be back many times. Between the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village being on the same grounds, there's a lot you can go see and do in a day. One thing I really enjoy doing at the village is taking the train ride around it. The train has a lovely scenic view all the way around, and stops at several places of interest. I went this weekend and had a fabulous time. Some of the great pictures I got while I was riding on the train can be seen in a slide show I put together here:

View from the Train Ride at Greenfield Village

                                          Photo copyright Nicolette Stevens

Henry Ford Museum is Fun!

Henry Ford Museum has so much cool stuff in it that I'm sure you couldn't take it all in in a day. It includes the first car; how a model T is put together, a history of aviation, a really awesome steam engine exhibit that shows how they work, and interesting tributes to innovative thinkers like Nikola Tesla.

Check out the great pictures I got on my slide show here:
Henry Ford Museum Slideshow- 25 pics! :-)

and an article I posted about visiting Henry Ford Museum:

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Adventures in Detroit #2 - The Train Station

Just about everyone in Detroit has a strange fondness for it's favorite ruins, the train station. It seems like having taken pictures of it is almost a requirement to get into Detroit's art school, the Center for Creative Studies. Somehow, the train station shows a humbling beauty within the entropy of urban decay. This is Detroit.

Many people I know have cool crazy stories about sneaking into the train station to get cool photo's back in the day. This is no longer recommended, as the tracks go right to the bridge, and homeland security apparently frowns on that. However, you can still get some great shots from outside the barbed wire.

Photos by Nikki Stevens. CCS Merit badge?? ;-)~

Adventures in Detroit - #1 - Mexican Town

Some great city art can be found on many of the buildings that show a glimpse of the multi-cultural aspect of Detroit. This picture is a well loved mural on the side of a restaurant in Mexi-town.

From there you have a great vantage point of other parts of the city. Off in the distance you can see the historic train station, the Ambassador Bridge, and some interesting bits of Detroit's skyline. There great restaurants in Mexican town where you can get some very good authentic Mexican food, and pretty cheap. When in Detroit, it always makes a great evening out. Be sure to ask the locals how to find the bakery, where you can get about two grocery bags full of pastries for under ten dollars. ( I used to do this to create huge plates of treats for parties on a college kid budget. )

One new thing that surprised me is the pedestrian bridge, which wasn't here when I lived in Detroit. It re-links this area of town with the downtown area, and makes for a fantastic urban view.

* photo's by Nikki Stevens.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009